The Catalyst Story

Catalyst began its life as Leopard CRM in 2000, originally designed for use within a product development team. Gradually, as more features were added, it grew to be used by customer services teams as well.

Leopard CRM was originally written in PHP. It was originally designed for use on Linux/UNIX based operating systems, but in 2004 Leopard CRM became cross platform as support for Windows Servers was introduced.

The original version of Leopard CRM was released as Open Source software in 2004. Since then it has been downloaded and used by thousands of people all over the world.

In 2006, by customer request, Leopard CRM was rewritten from the ground up. It now has features that far surpass the original version of Leopard CRM. The new version has been written in Ruby on Rails and Java. It can be served from the same supported operating systems as Ruby on Rails including Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows.

In 2010, the system was renamed to Catalyst to reflect the growth of the system beyond only CRM. In April 2010, version 5 has been released with the addition of Event Management features.

In July 2010, we expanded the business with the acquisition of Project Art, primarily a web consulting business. Then, in April/May 2011, we decided to merge the two of business operations into one identity: Project Art. Catalyst, its features and all of its offerings remained the same.

About Project Art

Project Art has been trading for over 20 years with offices in Melbourne and Singapore. We provide consulting on web technologies and web marketing alongside of our web based CRM offering, Catalyst.

Project Art is managed by Dan Harper, Julia Harper, Robbert Cook and Cheryl Cook. The team brings many years of experience in CRM, Internet Marketing and Business Strategy. 2011 sees the introduction of our newest team member Ravi Sundram, with expertise in many web technologies and Internet marketing.

Project Art is dedicated to seeing you succeed in your business. This is why we exist. We aim to help by making advanced technology accessible and understandable to the business owner. By doing this, we hope that products like Catalyst will transform businesses by decreasing manual processing and increasing efficiency. You can then focus on being the best at what you do, without having to become an IT expert.

* Project Art is a trading name of Kingdom Solutions Pty Ltd.