Catalyst. Web based CRM
that accelerates your small business.

Customer Connection

Stay proactive, identify trends and customer needs. Genuinely connect to your customers to enable you to make a big impact with small compassionate actions. Build strong knowledgeable relationships with your customer and become an invaluable resource.


Implement a proven business system that reduces costs, saves time and streamlines complex tasks. Engage with quality of service ideals through easy tracking to expand your customer service and intensify your customers' satisfaction.


Grow your most profitable customers and nurture future business. Expand your market potential and create new opportunities with timely on-the-road information. Endorse your sustainability with energy and maintain context for your business.


Support your vision, your passion and your enthusiasm so your customers can work with someone who cares deeply about their craft. Free up valuable time, nourish and embrace a healthy work-life balance for yourself as a small business owner through mobility, information sharing and trust.


No Downloads and No Installation necessary.

just sign up and you're ready to go.


More than just CRM

It may have started with Customer Relationship Management but Catalyst is a complete small business management system. Manage your customer relationships from end to end, start with a sales opportunity and continue through with a complete suite of customer service and data management tools.

Event Management

If your business deals with workshops, training, conferences or any kind of event, Catalyst is perfect for your small business. Catalyst can track all your attendees, how much they've paid and what events they've attended in the past.

Web Based CRM

Because Catalyst is a web based CRM, there's no need to install any software, and your cost is spread out over easy, monthly payments. You can get access to your system anywhere you have an Internet connection. Multiple users can be using the system at any time, and there is no need to synchronize changes between users. Web based CRM means having your customer information available instantly after it's added to the system.


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From the Blog

A New Release - v5.2.0

We've just launched a new version of Catalyst CRM last Friday, with a couple of minor hotfixes in over the weekend.  Changes to the system include:

  • Deleting marketing campaigns now works correctly.
  • All currency symbols now obey the Locale/Internationalization setting for each user.
  • The font on the calendar screen is now a bit larger, making it easier to read.
  • Custom fields can now be searched under an Advanced Search.
  • Some error messages were looking a little strange since 5.1.0, these have now been fixed up.
  • Some users were experiencing a minor error when upgrading from a trial to a paid subscription, this has now been rectified.
  • This new release also shows the new company branding for the move from "Leopard Software" to "Project Art".
There are a couple of other changes that were planned for the release, but in the end, we decided to hold them back so that we didn't delay the release.  I don't want to give too much away as to what they are, but they do include some features that some of you have asked for.  So we certainly want to get them in there as soon as possible!  We'll keep you all updated as the next release progresses. 

Free 30-Day Trial

Catalyst is available for a free 30-Day trial. Just 60 seconds and some basic information about your organization is all that's needed to get started. Trialling a fully featured web based CRM like Catalyst will start the process of transforming your business.

When you start to use a web based CRM, it's usually a good idea to commit to using it every day in your day to day work. This might mean tracking your sales opportunities, but at a minimum, tracking your customer interaction throughout the day,

If you need further assistance on how to get started with web based CRM, just contact our support team. We're happy to help not only for technical support, but also general support to help your business maximize the benefits of web based CRM.